Quelle version de Website Watcher pour mes usages?

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Vous avez été nombreux à demander quelles sont les propriétés de chaque version de Website Watcher.

Voici une ébauche et bonne lecture:

Differences between Basic, Personal and Business Edition

Companies and educational organizations must register the Business Edition.

Protocols / File Types Basic Personal Business
HTTP Protocol yes yes yes
HTTPS Protocol yes yes yes
RSS feeds yes yes yes
FTP Protocol yes yes yes
Local files yes yes yes
Forum-Wizard (for discussion forums) yes yes yes
NNTP Protocol (Newsgroups) yes yes
Basic Features Basic Personal Business
Record Macros / password protected sites yes yes yes
Filter Wizard / Filter System yes yes yes
Highlight changes yes yes yes
Keyword feature yes yes yes
Import / Export yes yes yes
Report yes yes yes
Advanced Features Basic Personal Business
AutoWatch yes yes
Follow Links yes yes
Scripting Language yes yes
Autostart Script yes yes yes
Password protected bookmark files yes
General Infos Basic Personal Business
Number of bookmarks unlimited 2) unlimited 2) unlimited 2)
Number of bookmark files unlimited unlimited unlimited
License / Pricing Basic Personal Business
License personal use personal use no restrictions

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