Improved database stability

We have just uploaded WebSite-Watcher 2010 (10.2) Beta-1.

Main focus in that version is increased database stability,
WebSite-Watcher also performs several integrity checks and auto
corrections during runtime.

Should you have a corrupted database, WebSite-Watcher is now able to
restore more data from damaged databases as in previous versions.

If you don’t have a working backup and your database has too many
physical damages and is no longer repairable, then you can use the new
feature “Re-Create database from cache folder“. This
feature re-creates your database from scratch from files which are saved
in the WebSite-Watcher cache folder. It’s an additional layer to
restore data everything else goes wrong.

Now let’s hope that your database will never have physical damages and you will never need this new feature! :)

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