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From: Jimmy Pierre

Subject: Cloning WordPress Installs

Greetings Fellow WordPress Users,

Let’s say you are into niche blogging and have found the perfect WordPress setup and combination. You have tweaked and tweaked this setup to perfection. Then…

You have to install WordPress, the theme, plugins, setup permalinks, so on and so on. Those of you that have done this know exactly what I am talking about – major pain and time investment.

Sure, you could fork out mega bucks for the latest and greatest system that moves or “clones” your WordPress install. Some work and some do not. Have tried a few and was not happy with the outcome. Perhaps it was just me…

Every one of the “push a button” systems I tried always left me going back and fixing something. Why spend money on a tool that “sort of” works? I am not putting any of these systems down, they just did not work for me. Your the only one that can be the judge.

I am going to show you “my method” of cloning a WordPress install

I have used this same method since version 2 of WordPress and still use it today with the 3+ versions.

The best part the tutorial presented uses all free tools. Yes, all free tools. Nothing else to purchase with the exception of this video tutorial.

Here is exactly what you get in this package:

The Universal Niche Themes Are 100%
3.+ WordPress Ready. They Were Made
To Take Advantage Of All 3.0 Features

One important note though, this tutorial is assuming that you are hosting on the cPanel platform. If not, one could still use a FTP program to accomplish, but it is a slower process. FTP is not covered but actually a simple process.

If you are hosting on the cPanel platform, you are about 30 minutes away from cloning your first WordPress install. Once you watch these videos you should be able to setup a clone site in about 10 minutes time after time.

Grab this tutorial, start cloning and/or backing up your important sites!

This video tutorial is for anyone wanting to clone WordPress installs. It does not matter if you are a niche blogger or are just wanting to make a “true” backup. We even cover setting up plugin that will backup your database and email it to you.

Here are the topics covered in 5 flash videos:

Video 1: Installing the free plugin, setting up and backing up mySQL

Video 2: How to easily backup and compress your WordPress files

Video 3: Setting up the destination account and readying mySQL

Video 4: Easily modifying backup files and uploading to new destination

Video 5: Simple way to modify the database with free tools and uploading

This is a complete and easy to follow video tutorial. If you have ever installed WordPress and used cPanel this will be very simple for you.

Grab your copy today and learn exactly how I clone and setup niche WordPress sites in about 10 minutes. The included 7 step report will open your eyes! It is so simple once you watch these videos and know the 7 steps shown in the report.

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