Website-Watcher 2010 (10.1 Beta-2) 18-Mar-2010

Note: these versions are beta versions, not official releases!


WebSite-Watcher / Changes
Legend: [+] added, [x] changed/improved, [-] bugfix

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  • [+] New Plugin: IFilter Text Extraction
  • [+] Import bookmarks from Firefox 3.x
  • [+] Bookmark list: Reset error status (available when you right click bookmarks in the error folder)
  • [x] Improved IFRAME filtering
  • [-] Internal browser: the default zoom value was only applied to the main browser tab. Now all browser tabs uses the default zoom value that is defined in the program configuration. The default zoom value is also used for all other embedded browsers (eg. Filter Assistant, MiniBrowser, Extended Search, etc.)
  • [-] Internal Browser: Tab flickering fixed
  • [x] Bookmarks that were checked with the technology "IE/Browser" (or with Internet Explorer Macros) could steal the focus under certain circumstances, this should no longer happen.
  • [-] Filters were not saved when the Filter-Assistant was called in the Page menu of the internal browser
  • [x] Automatically repair folder structure after repairing a corrupted database (was not possible under certain circumstances)
  • Smaller improvements and fixes.

2010 (10.1 Beta-1)

  • [+] New bookmark column: Creation date. (Options + Columns)
  • [+] Three new customizable bookmark columns. These columns can be used to display specific bookmark configurations, for example to show if the bookmark action "Send Mail" is enabled. (Options + Columns)
  • [+] WebSite-Watcher uses the correct AutoWatch countdown value after a computer was in hibernation
  • [+] Show removed elements at the end of the page: WebSite-Watcher no longer shows elements that were ignored by defined filters.
  • [+] Automatically assign PDF/Word/Excel plugin: New option "Don’t assign plugin" (Program configuration + Bookmarks + Assign Plugins). If this option is selected, new PDF/Word/Excel files will be checked by file date.
  • [x] Many improvements and optimizations for large window fonts
  • [x] Checking binary files improved
  • [+] New program tweak: SendMailOnlyNewRssArticles=0 (by default, the bookmark action "Send Mail" sends only new articles of an RSS feed. If this tweak is set, then all articles of an RSS feed will be included in the e-mails).
  • [x] Internet Explorer Macros improved
  • [x] Mail Outbox: Show queued mails in the outbox (can help to find problems when WSW cannot send all mails)
  • [x] Update similar bookmarks feature improved
  • [x] Update-On-Keywords: Improved keyword detection
  • [-] Bugfix in CSS handling that could lead to malformed pages.
  • [-] Downloading images could fail if an image didn’t have a file extension or if a wrong file extension was used
  • Smaller fixes, optimizations and improvements

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